Software & Application Development Services

Whether our clients aim to transform applications to meet the demands of a cloud-centric world, expand their mobile presence, modernize legacy systems, or build new solutions to support existing or new lines of business, Insight Global acts as a true partner throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Our clients trust Insight Global to deliver world-class Software Development and Application Services and accelerate the pace at which their software and application objectives become a reality.

  • Release Management
  • UI Development 
  • Backend / API Development 
  • DevOps

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Case Study:

The healthcare practice within a Fortune 100 technical services company was in the process of rapidly expanding its customer base for the creation and maintenance of state-specific Medicare and Medicaid software. Our client needed a partner who could provide both software training and software development services to support this effort.

Business Problem

The healthcare practice within a Fortune 100 Technical Services company was in the process of rapidly expanding its customer base for the creation and maintenance of Medicare and Medicaid software specific to individual states. Our client’s expansion goals increased the need for C/UNIX and C#/.Net development resources to sit in the company’s development facility in Conway, AR. Due to the facility’s remote location, our client experienced difficulty in identifying qualified technical resources to meet the increased demand for state-specific Medicare and Medicaid software development at compensation rates in alignment with the local market.

Our Solution

Insight Global leveraged our Enhanced Staffing Services (ESS) methodology to develop a comprehensive Source, Train and Manage (STM) solution. Our STM solution was designed to identify and train non-programmer resources with high technical aptitude an amount of C/UNIX, C#/.Net and data base skills to make them productive developers for the state-specific Medicare and Medicaid projects. Once identified and trained, Insight Global was responsible for day-to-day operational management and SLA compliance. Additional solution elements included the following:

Program Elements

  • Program Management – Dedicated Program Manager to provide oversight, daily management and allocate work requests to ensure alignment with our client’s expectations.
  • Partnership – Assignments were provided by our client’s functional leads supporting Medicare and Medicaid projects while the development resources are directly managed by the Insight Global Program Manager and Team Lead.
  • Sourcing – 30+ resources successfully completed our STM program.
  • Reporting – Provided weekly status reports and quarterly business reviews to highlight and track performance.

Impact and Key Performance Metrics

  • At the program’s outset, Insight Global was asked to support training and state-specific software development services for one (1) state. Due to our performance, our client requested we expand the program scope to support software development for five (5) additional states.
  • Through our Continuous Improvement efforts, we successfully reduced training time by 40%.
    • Training time was reduced through assessing the current training strategy and re-prioritizing high impact elements and eliminating redundant or low-impact training modules.
  • Throughout the program, Insight Global has delivered 99.5% of all orders ahead of, or on schedule.