Enterprise Support Services

Providing industry-leading customer service and unyielding operational excellence are paramount in supporting today’s complex business and technology environments. Insight Global’s extensive experience in providing Enterprise Support Services for Inbound Call/Contact Centers, Multi-Tier Service Desks/Help Desks, and NOC/SOC/Command Centers ensures our clients receive world-class service. Our focus on building partnerships helps our clients realize the highest value and optimal level of support while allowing them to focus on realizing their strategic business goals.

  • Service Desk
  • Operational Command Center
  • Deskside Support
  • VIP Support
  • Dispatch Services

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Case Study:

The Cloud and Managed Services (CMS) group within a worldwide leader in hardware and networking services had been expanding its customer base for its Network Operations Center (“NOC”) and was responsible for providing support services for its customers. Due to increased demand, the client needed a partner to provide both a large amount of highly skilled Network Engineers and operational management. Insight Global provided over 200 resources (including Network Engineers, Technical Operations Leads and a Service Delivery Executive), program and performance management and comprehensive reporting to support this effort.

Business Problem

The Cloud and Managed Services (CMS) group within a worldwide leader in hardware and networking services had been expanding its customer base for its Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and was responsible for providing network support services for it’s extensive list of external customers. The rapid expansion increased the need for both highly skilled network engineers and the development of a comprehensive recruiting, onboarding, training and management program for personnel. Despite the increased demand, our client experienced significant issues in both identifying and onboarding new network engineers and training them to be productive in the environment. Additionally, the increased headcount resulted in client leadership committing significant time to performance management.

Our Solution

Our solution focused on remedying three (3) distinct business problems – Time-to-Hire, Time-to-Train and Time-to-Manage. To reduce Time-to-Hire, Insight Global implemented a comprehensive recruiting strategy to quickly identify, screen and onboard new resources. To reduce Time-to-Train, we developed a pre-start training program for all new resources. Finally, to reduce Time-to-Manage, Insight Global provided a Delivery Operations Manager, two Technical Operations Leads and one Reporting Analyst to oversee performance management and all reporting requirements.

Program Elements

  • Sourcing – Sourced and screened technical resources to populate individual teams assigned to monitor and support the networks for client’s end-user customer base.
  • Onboarding – Developed custom onboarding programs designed to prepare new resources to support specific customers and technologies.
  • Operations Management – Provided two Technical Operations Leads with 10+ years experience in managing NOCs to provide guidance, consulting services and oversight.
  • Program Management – Provided dedicated Account Managers to drive sourcing. Provided a Delivery Operations Manager to manage the overall service delivery.

Impact and Key Performance Metrics

  • Insight Global currently manages over 200 resources and this number continues to grow as we onboard new resources to meet expansion efforts
  • Reduced Time-to-Fill from 18 days to 5.1 days.
  • Reduced Time-to-Train from 38.5 days to 11 days while maintaining same performance levels.
  • As a result of our solution, our client realizes over $500k in cost-savings each year.