Engineering Managed Services

Insight Global’s Managed Services capabilities expand beyond traditional IT towers and into broad traditional and emerging engineering domains. While we aren’t constructing high rises, our teams are delivering complex Geographic Information System (GIS) programs around the world and are supporting critical utility company engineering assurance programs. Insight Global is our clients trusted partner in delivering complex engineering initiatives.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Quality Assurance

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Case Study:

Our client, a Fortune 500 Utility company had an ongoing initiative to ensure all gas transmission pipelines were accurately represented in their proprietary systems. To complete this initiative, our client needed a partner to provide a large number of PFL Engineers and GIS Mapping Technicians and host them in an offsite facility. Insight Global acquired an 11,000 sqft facility and, by leveraging our Enhanced Staffing Solutions (“ESS”) methodology, provided ~ 50 PFL Engineers and GIS Mapping Technicians to complete the work.