Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation is a very buzz-worthy term that finds its way into every CIO’s priority list. In simplest terms, it is a transformation of a business’s processes, products, and/or services to better fit into the mobile friendly and digitally enabled world we live in. At the ground level, this often requires companies to automate processes and use technology in advanced ways (e.g. IoT, Big Data Analytics). To get there, companies are required to evolve their manual or analog processes to digital capabilities that can easily be scaled and configured to meet dynamic requirements. Insight Global can be your partner in overcoming the skill, technology, and budget concerns that block this critical evolution.

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Case Study:

Our client, a large media company, was transitioning two (2) proprietary applications from one business unit to another and needed to identify a partner to manage the transition, complete a gap analysis and design an implementation roadmap. Due to the sensitive nature of the applications, our client wanted to maintain a high degree of visibility and ownership of the transition throughout the process. To support this request, Insight Global, leveraging our Enhanced Staffing Solutions (“ESS”) methodology, provided resource sourcing, onboarding and on-going performance management for the transition.

Business Problem

The entertainment division of a large media company was in need of a team to assist with the transition of two proprietary applications from one group to another. Our client needed a team to perform an assessment of the current environment to detail the people, processes and technologies involved in managing the two applications as well as an overall assessment of application performance. Once the current environment was assessed, our client needed (1) a future state document outlining how the applications would be managed by the new team going forward, (2) a gap analysis to identify each gap that must be closed in order to transition from current environment to future environment and (3) an implementation roadmap to identify all elements required to fully transition ownership of the applications.

Our Solution

Insight Global was the lone supplier our client could rely on to deliver the application transition in the short-time period provided. Given that the applications were proprietary and the engagement involved visiting several of our client’s data centers, our solution leveraged our enhanced staffing services (ESS) methodology. This approach allowed our client to maintain ownership of the process while we focused on sourcing, onboarding and ongoing performance management.

Program Elements

  • Program Management – Dedicated, on-site Project Manager responsible for providing daily management and ensuring alignment with our client’s strategic objectives.
  • Performance Management – Performance is measured against define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure the team’s performance aligns with client expectations.
  • Reporting – Provide weekly status reports and quarterly business reviews to highlight both individual and team performance.

Impact and Key Performance Metrics

  • Insight Global was able to complete the assessment, application transition and all deliverables within two (2) months, despite several significant changes to the project’s scope throughout the duration of the project.
  • Insight Global’s work ensured the transition of applications from one group to another was executed smoothly and without disrupting critical business operations.