Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation is a very buzz-worthy term that finds its way into every CIO’s priority list. In simplest terms, it is a transformation of a business’s processes, products, and/or services to better fit into the mobile friendly and digitally enabled world we live in. At the ground level, this often requires companies to automate processes and use technology in advanced ways (e.g. IoT, Big Data Analytics). To get there, companies are required to evolve their manual or analog processes to digital capabilities that can easily be scaled and configured to meet dynamic requirements. Insight Global can be your partner in overcoming the skill, technology, and budget concerns that block this critical evolution.

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Case Study:

Our client, a large media company, was transitioning two (2) proprietary applications from one business unit to another and needed to identify a partner to manage the transition, complete a gap analysis and design an implementation roadmap. Due to the sensitive nature of the applications, our client wanted to maintain a high degree of visibility and ownership of the transition throughout the process. To support this request, Insight Global, leveraging our Enhanced Staffing Solutions (“ESS”) methodology, provided resource sourcing, onboarding and on-going performance management for the transition.