Business Analytics Services

As our clients realize the positive impact big data aggregation and analysis can have on their efficiency and overall competitiveness, the need for skilled Business Analytics teams has increased substantially. However, identifying and retaining skilled Business Analytics personnel can be difficult and cost prohibitive if built in-house. To help our clients realize their Business Analytics objectives, Insight Global provides resources in a managed service capacity to meet our client’s most challenging needs. Whether our clients require resources for a short-term strategic initiative or a long-term engagement, Insight Global can provide industry-leading Business Analytics talent at an affordable price.

  • Dashboarding
  • Data Analytics and Aggregation

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Case Study:

Our client, a Fortune 100 technology company, has an extensive portfolio of applications that serve a wide variety of functions. In order to improve the functionality and accessibility of theses applications, our client wanted to collect facial recognition, eye-tracking and voice recognition data. However, due to the likelihood of short-term engagements, handling this effort in-house was not viable. Our client needed to partner with a third party provider who could provide both strategic guidance and personnel to collect and analyze various data types