Technology Services

Insight Global delivers programs across a broad range of technology sectors. We can meet every type of enterprise technology need with skilled teams—from smart hands in a data center to guru-level developers and everything in between. We rapidly build and deploy right-sized teams with the exact skill sets required to bring potent enterprise technology development, maintenance, and support solutions to our clients.

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Managed Services - Technology Services overview

Services Breakdown

Enterprise Support

Software Dev. and Application

Inbound Call Centers

Multi-Tier Service Desks/Help Desks

NOC/SOC/Command Centers

Software Development and Application

Engineering Services

Expand Mobile Presence

Modernize Legacy Systems

Build New .Net Applications

Engineering Services

Digital Transformation

 Geographic Information System (GIS) Programs

Utility Engineering Assurance Programs

Digital Transformation

Infrastructure Services

Automate Processes

Use Technology in Advanced Ways (e.g. IoT, Big Data)

Infrastructure Services

Business Analytics

Data Center Services

Cloud & Network Engineering

IT Asset Management

Business Analytics

BI Dashboarding, Data Analytic Tools, and Data Aggregation

BI Dashboarding

Data Analytic Tools

Data Aggregation