Infrastructure Services

IG MSD’s Infrastructure Practice provides architecture, engineering, and support services for our clients’ IT infrastructure environments. Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to operate in both legacy and bleeding edge environments. Servicing hardware in satellite offices, monitoring critical data center infrastructure from our remote NOCs, developing DevOps micro-services and a host of other offerings interweave within our service portfolio delivered by the best infrastructure practitioners in the country.

Infrastructure Monitoring Services

  • IG MSD’s infrastructure monitoring services turnkey monitoring services for voice and data networks and data center infrastructure.
  • Our flexible service models allow seamless integration into any IT operations group.
  • We deliver onsite next to our client teams as well as in our remote operations center utilizing any platform or providing our own solution

Infrastructure As Code (“IaC”)

  • Developments in technology abstraction and the ubiquity of orchestration engines allow many IT organizations to build, deploy, and manage their environments via a command line interface.
  • Our IaC Agile teams are talented in developing the scripts and microservices to automate your most time consuming processes.

Hardware Support

  • IG MSD’s hardware support capability is designed to support clients’ installation and maintenance needs within data centers and remote sites.
  • Our certified hardware support technicians operate in onsite and dispatch models to support a wide variety of systems.


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