Engineering Services

Structured team management coupled with technical expertise to deliver exceptional solutions in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering/Drafting Services
  • Mapping/GIS
  • Data Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Business Analytics

Stronger Teams, Stronger Solutions

We believe that success is possible because of our people; that’s why we focus on our teams. Backed by one of the largest staffing firms in the nation, we source top-tier talent through our proprietary database and hand-pick candidates for each project. Then we focus on continuous development of each person through a comprehensive training program, continued education classes, and skill-building workshops. With strong teams in place, we are able to execute stronger more focused solutions for our clients.

Our Areas of Expertise

Mega Gas Rule Compliant – Pipeline Feature List

Building out comprehensive feature lists on systems of record based as-built documents.

Insight Global’s Engineering Practice has created Pipeline Feature Lists for thousands and thousands of miles of infrastructure networks for our clients that require assessment and specification validation. All assets are reviewed and evaluated by engineers for continuity, technical accuracy and reliability. The collection of asset data is then utilized in mapping processes to create a physical and graphical representation of the network.

Pipeline Feature List Experience

  • 23,750 Miles of pipe analyzed and digitized
  • 500,000 Assets edited from over 1,500 construction packages
  • 3,200 PFLs Created for over 2.100 unique routes
  • 100,000+ Hours of continuous improvement training and team development

Better Centerline Alignment – GIS/Mapping Services

Digital alignment of pipelines using geographic information spatial data sources.

Centerline Alignment is the digital alignment of a network created by analyzing various data sources to accurately locate the network geographically. All geometry is reviewed and evaluated by mappers for continuity, accuracy, and record integrity. Multiple data sources are evaluated, including historical field records, survey data, and maintenance data. Once pipeline geometry has been determined, the pipeline is drawn in a Geographic Information System (GIS) and uploaded into the client’s production database.

GIS/Mapping Services Experience

  • 7,200 GIS records updated
  • 3,500+ Miles of infrastructure centerline aligned
  • 49,562 System features updated
  • 4,629 Segments/routes aligned

Retail Space Planning – Drafting Services

Drafting services for retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, etc.

Utilizing software such as AuotCAD, JDA, etc., our teams produce diagrams for macro and micro store planning to illustrate the specific location of merchandise products to enhance the customer experience and drive sales. From QC’ing store plans, to building out fixtures, we partner with our clients to ensure they have the optimal data and plans to take action.

Drafting Services Experience

  • 250MM Sq ft of retail space analyzed and drafted
  • 58% Increase in year over year production rates
  • 259% Increase in average floor plan production
  • 70% Reduction in team ramp up time

Multi-media Quality Assurance – Quality Control

Review of client provided multimedia to extract intelligent information.

Insight Global is our clients’ Business Process Outsourcing partner of choice when it comes to delivering comprehensive quality control programs. Our teams visually inspect multimedia sources to ensure a certain defined acceptance criteria is met. Then any findings are documented using maps, logs, and other technical documents so our clients can utilize the data to take action.

Quality Control Experience

  • 2MM Minutes of video reviewed and QC’d
  • 188% Increase in yearly deliverables
  • 3 Months time to ramp up team to production goals
  • 99.5% Quality rate in 4 weeks of training

Contact Engineering Services

To contact us with any questions or customized solution options, reach out to:

Zac Humes, Solutions Architect
925-237-9815 |  Ext. 122

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