Managed Services

Insight Global recognizes managed services as an opportunity for our clients to bolster themselves with dependable, consistent, and continuously improving delivery programs. As a trusted partner to some of the world’s most successful enterprises, we deliver capabilities across a wide set of technology and management services. We excel in building these scalable programs with the flexibility to offer our clients the precise skillset, level of management and governance desired. From enhanced staffing solutions to end-to-end outsourcing, our highly customizable managed services are focused on helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Our capabilities

Insight Global’s Managed Services Division is organized into a collection of practice areas where our approach, people and experience position us to deliver significant value to our clients. Our industry-leading ability to rapidly deploy custom solutions allows us to deliver a growing variety of services in each of these areas.

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Management Services - Program Portfolio Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Training Services. Technology Services - Business Analytics, Enterprise Support Services, Digital Transformation, Engineering Services, Software Development and Application Services, Infrastructure Services.