Healthcare Services

As the third-largest IT staffing company in the country, Insight Global can quickly move to identify and retain the talent necessary to meet the demands of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We leverage our nationwide network of offices to identify local talent and consistently exceed customer expectations. Read more about our healthcare services tailored to government services, military, and veteran affairs.

We offer customized staffing solutions for healthcare technology initiatives, including electronic medical record (EMR) delivery, healthcare IT, and on occasion will design scalable solutions to meet today’s IoT demands. However, because we focus on supporting healthcare providers with their technology, data, information security, and infrastructure needs, we do not offer staffing services related to patient care and/or providing medical personnel such nurses and doctors.

Core Healthcare Services:

Electronic medical records (EMR)/Electronic health records (EHR)

Since 2016, Insight Global has provided over 1,500 EMR/EHR professionals in 45 states across the country, supporting healthcare projects, programs, and clients such as Cerner and Epic.

Healthcare IT (HIT)

We leverage our nationwide network of sales offices to identify HIT talent, supporting customers with modernization efforts and healthcare systems. Since 2016, we have placed over 5,000 contractors within HIT, including project managers, developers, testers, service desk and clinical help desk professionals, and training support.

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“What has impressed me the most about their team is their wide representation found in multiple departments and locations around the country. My respect for them as a company is matched by few, and I hope to enjoy a long-lasting relationship with Insight Global for many years to come.”
– Director, Major Health Care Organization, Oakland, CA