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Insight Global’s COVID-19 Response

Insight Global is continuing to monitor the rapidly evolving situation related to COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”). As the public health strategy has shifted from containment to mitigation, Insight Global has made further adjustments to its operations to support that strategy, including: Restricting...

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Insight Global University Announces Leadership Academy

Atlanta, GA—January 14, 2020—Insight Global recently announced the launch of its Leadership Academy, a school within Insight Global University (IGU) dedicated entirely to leadership development. The vision of IGU’s Leadership Academy is to build the best leadership development program in...

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Insight Global Hosts National Conference in Dallas

Atlanta, GA—January 13, 2020—Insight Global hosted its first National Conference of 2020 in Dallas over the weekend. More than 2,000 Insight Global employees from 55 offices across the country, along with 30 of Insight Global’s top customers, attended the conference...

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Finding Your New 100%

Finding your new 100% is about achieving total fulfillment and success both personally and professionally as your life and demands evolve. For me, this is a multi-faceted and very dynamic thing. The idea of achieving my 100% has evolved throughout...

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