Training and Development

Insight Global University's logoWe believe it is critical to not only hire amazing people, but invest in them through training and development to grow our people personally, professionally and financially. To that end, Insight Global University was built to provide world-class training to our people. Located at our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Insight Global University emphasizes training for all levels and positions, and embodies the idea that training and development never ends. From new hires to senior executives, all employees are trained and developed throughout their career through one-on-one mentorship, classroom training, group discussions, shadowing top leaders, and a learn-by-doing approach. There is nothing more important to our company than the individual development of our people.

Recruiter Training at Insight Global University

Every new Recruiter comes to IGU in their third week for Recruiter Training. An important topic of Recruiter Training is teaching our Recruiters about Grit:  hard work, passion and perseverance to hit long-term goals. The other focus of this class is teaching company culture and key recruiting fundamentals to enable our Recruiters to find success early on in their career.

New Headquarters – Spring 2020

We are building a new headquarters in Atlanta, set to open in Spring 2020, which will also house Insight Global University. Following our company-wide training initiative, employees from each office will be flown to our headquarters to learn from our training team, senior management, and guest speakers throughout their career.

Insight Global's NEW Corporate Office Building coming in Spring 2020


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