Continuous Training

Training is paramount to our employees’ success. In fact, we believe training and development should continue throughout an individual’s career. Just as we are constantly striving to improve as a company, we are also dedicated to helping each of our employees grow as professionals.

One-on-one mentorship

An Insight Global career begins in our entry-level recruiter position. During your time as a recruiter, you will report directly to an account manager, who will act as a mentor on your path to sales. Because all employees start in the same position, you will be receiving one-on-one mentorship and training directly from someone who has been through everything you are facing as a new employee. And because Insight Global takes a team approach to training, everyone in the office plays a part in ensuring the success of each of our new hires.

Learn by doing

We believe in a personalized, hands-on approach to training rather than training in a classroom environment. We strongly believe in proactive and reactive training, and employ a learn-by-doing approach. This process starts with proactively teaching and training each individual on a process, letting them do it, and then providing constructive feedback on what they did well and what areas there are to improve on.

The Professional Development Center

In addition to daily one-on-one mentorship and on-the-job training, Insight Global has created a Professional Development Center (PDC). Located at our Atlanta-based corporate headquarters, the PDC is dedicated to providing supplemental training opportunities. Every new hire attends three days of supplemental training within the first four to six weeks of their career at Insight Global. Here, recruiters learn best practices and tools for success in a highly interactive environment.

This isn’t your typical classroom setting, rather you’re in a room of recruiters just like yourself and are taught in an interactive environment using our mentorship-based training style. Training in a fun, stimulating and challenging environment gives entry-level recruiters the chance to quickly enhance their skills. Because of our highly-involved approach to professional development, new hires with no prior experience are generally promoted from the recruiter role to the account manager role in an average of six to nine months.

Once you are promoted to account manager, the training continues through the mentorship of your sales manager. In fact, training and development will continue throughout your entire career at Insight Global.


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