Recruiting and Account Management Careers

Every employee at Insight Global started their career as a Recruiter (with the exception of the Corporate Operations and Managed Services Division). Recruiters are typically promoted into the career path of Sales/Account Management. The best candidates for these roles have experience in on-campus leadership, Greek life, student organizations, athletics, or internships, and love working with people. We are looking for outgoing, ambitious and goal-oriented people who want a long-term career. This opportunity is best for people who thrive in a social, fast-paced, competitive yet team-oriented environment. The candidate does not need to have prior sales experience, only a willingness to learn and work hard. A four-year college degree is required, but we do not favor specific majors for our Recruiter and Account Manager positions.

Recruiter Role

Recruiting is more than an entry-level role; it is the foundation of your career and the backbone of our company. You must learn the business before you can sell it. The Recruiter role is critical in preparing you for promotion into Account Management and long-term success within the company. On a day-to-day basis, a Recruiter’s main responsibility is to find the right candidates for our clients’ staffing needs by conducting phone and face-to-face interviews through our internal database, job boards, and networking. To find and recommend candidates for positions, our Recruiters must exhibit independent judgment and discretion.  In this role, you will improve your business acumen, form a good understanding of technical skill sets, and learn how to work with a sense of urgency. While mastering the fundamentals of recruiting, we pair you with an Account Manager who serves as your mentor. The purpose of this relationship is to have a mentor who is invested in your success and will help you grow personally, professionally, and financially. The average promotion takes 6-9 months and is based on merit, not tenure.

Account Manager Role

Account Managers are the face of our organization. They are responsible for building relationships with hiring managers at Fortune 1000 firms with the goal of making Insight Global their sole staffing services provider. Relationships start through cold calling and networking. Account Managers initially reach out to a prospective client to set up an introductory meeting to learn about their hiring needs and to present our services. They become engrained with the hiring manager by building relationships through meetings, lunches, and fun client events. Account Managers become long-term valued partners to our clients by consistently providing them top-tier talent. We believe that the key to creating a lasting business partnership is through a strong relationship built on trust and unparalleled customer service.

Internally, Account Managers also have the responsibility of mentoring a new Recruiter. It is their job to train and develop their Recruiter so that they get promoted, and can grow personally, professionally, and financially. Account Managers conduct role-plays with their Recruiter, host weekly meetings, and set goals. They also get them out in front of clients to enable their Recruiter to get real-world sales experience. The Recruiter – Account Manager relationship is critical to our success as an organization, and they work closely together as a team to hit their goals.


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