Sales and Recruiting Positions

Are you considering a job as a recruiter or a sales career as an account manager with a staffing agency? Insight Global seeks highly motivated, energetic and personable candidates for our corporate career opportunities in sales and recruiting. We require a Bachelor’s degree, but do not favor specific majors for our recruiter or account manager positions. We look for candidates who are willing to work hard for both financial gain and merit-based promotions in a sales and people-oriented career. As an alternative, we also have back-office, operational positions as well.

Comprehensive and consistent training

All staff on our corporate teams receive comprehensive, individualized on-the-job training that provides opportunities to develop a wide range of business skills. Additionally, regular meetings with management provide employees with the chance to make further progress toward their professional goals. We also offer professional development and training to help our employees advance into more senior-level positions.


Ideal candidates must have strong communication and time-management skills, and be able to work well with a team. All operations positions require a Bachelor’s degree, with some positions requiring a degree specifically in Accounting, Finance, Economics or Business Administration. Strong Excel skills, attention to detail, data-entry management, and general math skills are also recommended.


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