Sales and Recruiting Positions

Are you considering a job as a recruiter or a sales career as an account manager with a staffing agency? Insight Global seeks highly motivated, energetic and personable candidates for our corporate career opportunities in sales and recruiting. We require a Bachelor’s degree, but do not favor specific majors for our recruiter or account manager positions. We look for candidates who are willing to work hard for both financial gain and merit-based promotions in a sales and people-oriented career. As an alternative, we also have back-office, operational positions as well.

Recruiter position

Every employee begins their career as a recruiter. Responsibilities include sourcing and screening candidates, checking managerial references, completing paperwork, setting up client meetings, and interacting with clients and consultants. A recruiter’s main focus is conducting phone and personal interviews to qualify consultants for open positions from our roster of Fortune 1000 clients. The skills developed during this time prepare recruiters for eventual promotion to sales and account manager positions. Recruiters gain immeasurable on-the-job experience that prepares them to represent Insight Global’s services to the best of their ability.

Sales and account manager positions

Account managers present our staffing services as a resource to hiring managers at large corporations. Their key responsibility is to build and maintain relationships with Fortune 1000 clients on-site at their offices or at social events. The job requires account managers to expand their client base through networking with new managers in their territory, developing relationships and partnerships through entertaining clients at lunches, dinners, baseball and football games, concerts, etc. The role requires a self-motivated, career-oriented individual with excellent problem-solving skills, a competitive nature and a dynamic personality.


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