Considering a Career with a Staffing Agency?

Every spring thousands of soon-to-be graduates begin the search for their first job. Many have spent the last several years preparing for a career in their chosen profession, while others are eager to explore their options and try a few hats on for size. Some will gravitate toward a career in sales, while others will look to areas such as finance, accounting, human resources and administration. So many options; so little time. Why not work at a company that affords you opportunities in all these areas?

Staffing agencies offer a unique combination of sales and recruitment positions, coupled with all the usual positions in operations. For most of these jobs, you don’t need to have graduated with a specific Bachelor’s degree, just a willingness to work hard and grow in a people-facing career.

No Experience? Apply Here

Insight Global, one of the fastest growing staffing agencies in the industry, is a fast-paced, results-oriented company, where achievement is recognized, compensation is based on individual performance within a team environment, and high-producing employees can earn incentive trips and equity in the company. And, with a culture centered around a “work-hard, play-hard” mentality, they pride themselves on positive, roll-up-your-sleeves employees who will do whatever it takes to deliver the perfect resource and resolve all client issues within 24 hours.

When it comes to hiring, they prefer that employees come straight out of college with no prior recruiting experience. New hires are fully trained on every aspect of the business, starting on Day 1, and are given all the tools to turn talent into success.

Regardless of your ultimate career goal within the company, each employee—from executives on down—starts as a recruiter. As such, you’ll hone your skills sourcing and screening candidates, determining whether a consultant is right for open positions from Insight Global’s portfolio of Fortune 1000 clients. You’ll also be checking references and working with clients and consultants both over the phone and in-person. During this time, you’ll be preparing to take on increased responsibilities and eventual promotion to a sales or account manager position.

Those interested in pursuing a career along the staffing lines of the business will follow the account management track, where they will work to become a sales manager, national account manager, director of operations, or regional manager. These positions are ideal for self-motivated, go-getters who enjoy problem solving and meeting with diverse clientele. When not growing Insight Global’s client base through networking events such as football and baseball games, concerts and meals, you’ll be tasked with building and maintaining current client relationships, both on-site at their offices and at various social outings.

But wait, there’s more

For those who choose a different path, back-office operational positions such as payroll, accounting and finance are another option. If you’re a strong team player, have excellent time-management and communications skills, enjoy working with numbers or data processing, and possess a strong attention to detail this might be the career for you. Bonus points for people with Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Finance, Economics or Business Administration. Regardless of the career track, employees who work on corporate teams will receive on-the-job training that will give you the chance to develop a wide range of business skills. Numerous development opportunities along with regular meetings with management will propel you to more senior-level positions in no time.

Regardless of the path you choose, on-going job training means that all Insight Global employees have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Even better, promotions at Insight Global are merit-based and only come from within, meaning you have a chance to achieve the professional and financial goals you have set for yourself—all at your own pace.

Insight Global prides itself on the strength of its teams, so whether you’re a new hire or a 15-year veteran you’ll find yourself working in a welcoming and supportive environment. Teamwork frequently extends beyond the office walls, and co-workers are just as likely to find themselves playing on sports teams or volunteering together as collaborating on the next client project. Even clients have been known to comment on the close nature of Insight Global’s staff. It’s no wonder then that the company has racked up awards from such companies as LinkedIn, Business Insider, Forbes, Comparably and Fortune as an amazing place to work. And, with 51 offices across the United States and Canada the world (well, North America) is your oyster.