Why Should a Job Seeker Work with a Staffing Agency Like IG

Why should a job seeker work with a staffing agency like IG

Looking for a new job can be a job in itself. There’s polishing your resume, searching for and culling through search results, and finally, uploading your resume into anywhere from 10 to 20 different job sites and company hiring pages. It’s exhausting and time-consuming, especially if you are already working full-time. So why not let a staffing agency do the leg work for you?

Staffing agencies conduct targeted searches every day on behalf of potential candidates and know the market better than anyone. They’re in the business of matching people to positions. And, because they do this day in, day out you have a better shot at landing that dream job.

Still on the fence. Consider these reasons:

Feedback to help you hone your resume and interview style.

Been a while since you last looked for a job? Does your resume seem stuck in the previous decade? Lack confidence in your ability to draft a decent, let alone killer, cover letter? Do you even need one? Your recruiter can help you with all these questions and more. Whereas you might have written five resumes over the course of your career, they’ve seen thousands and know what makes a hiring manager sit up and take notice.

They’re in the business of taking resumes (and candidates) who are a little rough around the edges and turning them into polished gems. They’ll coach you through interviews, massage your resume, and make it stand out. They can work with you to explain any employment gaps you might have and translate volunteer experience into resume-worthy achievements. And, if you’re in the fast-paced tech field, where a year of unemployment might as well be a decade, they can provide you with the chance to take what Insight Global terms “prove it” tests, where they determine whether an IT person’s skills are up-to-date following an employment gap. Best of all, you get to keep the test results regardless of whether you work with them in the long run.

Streamline your search:

Staffing agencies tend to specialize in various industries, everything from creative fields, IT/Tech, healthcare and even law. Insight Global, for instance, is an industry leader in IT, accounting and finance, engineering, and government staffing and managed services. Do your homework, and select a firm that knows the space you are looking to enter inside and out.

Inside information, hidden opportunities.

Staffing agencies are aware of jobs that aren’t listed as open on the major job sites—by working with a recruiter, you’ll get in ahead of the pack. A recruiter knows you, the company and where you’d fit in and enjoy working. (And to think that company wasn’t even on your radar.)

Show ‘em what you got.

Sometimes, part-time jobs can lead to full-time employment if you go in with enthusiasm and an eagerness to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Even if this position doesn’t lead to permanent employment, hiring managers will remember your work ethic, and recruiters will be eager to place you in other positions that could translate to full-time work.

Deepen your pool of connections.

Staffing agencies help you leverage your industry contacts. Going on interviews, working in a variety of positions across multiple companies are all ways to grow your list of industry contacts. Regardless of whether you are hired full-time or even continue working with a given staffing agency, those connections are yours.

On the job.

If you’re still employed (whether in your current position or a short-term contract through a staffing agency) you’re in an enviable position. Together with your recruiter, you’ll have time to review the possibilities, educate yourself on various corporate cultures and help narrow the field. Your staffing agency has more time to find the perfect opportunity for you, and you can afford to be choosy.

Try it before you buy it.

Considering a career change, but still not 100-percent convinced? Working with a staffing agency to do contractor work in your new field is a great way to discover if the grass really is greener on the other side of that career fence.

It’s free!

Working with recruiter won’t cost you a thing. Quite the contrary—they’ll be out there negotiating salary rates in your favor. Their goal is to make sure all candidates are extremely happy and want their contracts to be extended. Good for them; great for you.

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