Grand Rapids Packages Meals for Children

Grand Rapids Packages Meals for Children

Insight Global’s Grand Rapids office volunteered in the Kids’ Food Basket “Sack Supper Food Prep” event on Monday. The purpose of the weekly event is to package and deliver nutritionally balanced “sack suppers” to underprivileged children who may not have food or snacks to eat at home. The team of IG employees prepared individual servings of fruit, vegetables, protein and a healthy snack for each sack to be delivered by teachers and sent home with students at qualifying schools. Best of all, with the large group of volunteers working so efficiently, Kids’ Food Basket was able to yield one-third more servings than usual for these deserving children! The day was so inspiring for the Insight Global team that they are headed back next week to participate again. “We all hope to make a difference in the community and it starts with the small things,” Miranda Barnes, Professional Recruiter. “This time, it was in the form of measuring sunflower seeds!”

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