Orange County Organizes Beach Clean Up

Orange County Organizes Beach Clean Up

Over the weekend, Insight Global’s Orange County office organized a beach clean up at Newport Beach through the City of Newport Beach Recreation Services Department. The 35 Insight Global employees focused on the area of the beach by the pier since it’s known for having the most trash, especially during the summer months. The IG team split into groups and scanned the beach for garbage for over two hours. “It was really great to get everyone together on a Saturday morning to help our community, and most importantly, the environment,” said Cristina Marfoglia, Sales Manager. “The stats that are out there about how much trash is in our oceans, and the effects it has on the ecosystems and animals is truly upsetting. A lot of us here spend most of our free time and weekends at the beach, so this is something that we were extremely happy to do.”

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