Orlando Office Volunteers for Orlando Hunger Project

Orlando Office Volunteers for Orlando Hunger Project

Over the weekend, the Insight Global Orlando office volunteered at Feeding Children Everywhere for the Orlando Hunger Project in Longwood, Fl. The 20 Insight Global employees participating raised $2,700 and helped package a total of 10,000 meals to be distributed throughout the local community to those affected by hunger. To make the process more efficient, the team split into two assembly lines to measure ingredients, package and seal individual meals into boxes. To further increase productivity for the cause, the group engaged in a race to see who could finish completing their boxes first. “Hunger is such a solvable problem and it was so fun being able to lock arms as an office and package so many meals for our community,” Nick Wingard, Professional Recruiter. “We see poverty and homelessness on a daily basis while working downtown, and knowing the meals we have packaged will make a tangible difference in our community is an amazing feeling.”

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