Orange County Sends “A Million Thanks”

Orange County Sends “A Million Thanks”

Atlanta, GA—December 2017—Insight Global’s Orange County office took part in this year’s “A Million Thanks” in support of the U.S. Military. “A Million Thanks” collects and distributes letters of appreciation and thanks to those that are serving our country all around the world. During the holiday season, the organization receives over 7,000 letters per day; with the help of the Orange County team, the organization was able to open and send out over 150,000 letters to the active troops overseas in time for Christmas! “It’s easy to forget what’s truly important during the holiday season, so we really wanted to make sure our troops know that they are in our thoughts and hearts,” said Lead Recruiter Nicole Hurst. “Sending these letters and showing our appreciation is the least we can do for the brave soldiers that are putting their life on the line for us every single day. We wish them all a safe and Merry Christmas!”

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