Boca Raton and Miami Take On “The Greyson Project”

Boca Raton and Miami Take On “The Greyson Project”

Atlanta, GA—December 2017—This December, the Boca Raton and Miami offices decided to take part in “The Greyson Project.”  After hearing that the foundation would be decorating rooms for children that would be in the hospital over the holidays, they joined forces to support the cause. Together they raised enough money to decorate 40 rooms at Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. “We made four trips to the store collecting items to create gift bags,” said Sales Manager Kristen Stombaugh. “Each bag contained a tree or wreath, strings of lights, garland, ornaments, a stocking, fun coloring books and window stickers. Knowing we brought a surprise like that to so many children at Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital is the best feeling and gift of all!”

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