Insight Global Raises Over $10,000 for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Insight Global Raises Over $10,000 for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Atlanta, GA — September 2017 — Last week, our Austin branch started raising funds and supplies for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief from Hurricane Harvey. Not only was this a sign of support to our Houston branch and all of those affected, but it also served as inspiration for the rest of the company. Later that day, Insight Global Headquarters created a GoFundMe for collection of donations from the entire company. A direct donation opportunity was also set up to support the four members of our Houston branch that lost their cars or homes. As of today, over $10,000 in donations has been collected in support of the disaster relief. The Insight Global family hopes that these donations will help aid the road to recovery for the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

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