Seattle Packages Meals for Local Community Food Banks

Seattle Packages Meals for Local Community Food Banks

Atlanta, GA — August 2017 — Earlier this month, the Seattle office volunteered at the Food Lifeline Food Distribution Center’s “Food Rescue.” The 12 Insight Global team members that attended the event helped repack 11,853 pounds of fresh produce, which equates to 9,878 meals. The produce was donated by local grocers and was checked by the volunteers to ensure that it wasn’t damaged or spoiled. It was then repacked into 40 pound boxes that were distributed to community food banks in Western Washington.  “It was very humbling to meet the individuals that work at Food Lifeline,” said Professional Recruiter Stephanie Golden. “I know I can speak for everyone that volunteered that day that this cause was inspiring to all of us at IG Seattle, and I am very proud to be part of an organization like ours that encourages employees to give back to local communities.”

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