Orlando Packages 10,000 Meals for Hungry Children

Orlando Packages 10,000 Meals for Hungry Children

The Orlando office participated in Feeding Children Everywhere, a non-profit organization based in Florida that is dedicated to making healthy meals for hungry children. The entire Orlando office attended. Everyone was set up in an assembly line in the kitchen where they packaged 10,000 meals. The meals were later distributed around the city of Orlando through United Against Poverty. The office split into two teams and decided to compete against each other to see who could package the boxes faster. To date, the organization has distributed 73 million meals over 50 countries! “We see homelessness every single day while working downtown, and it was extremely encouraging to see a tangible difference being made right here in front of our eyes,” said Nick Wingard, Recruiter. The event was a huge success, but also a great team building experience for the Orlando office.

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