Kansas City Feeds Families

Kansas City Feeds Families

The entire Insight Global Kansas City office assisted at Harvesters this past weekend. Harvesters provides food and other household products to more than 620 not-for-profit agencies, including emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and other worthy organizations. It also offers educational programs to increase community awareness of hunger, as well as provide education about good nutrition.  Insight Global’s Kansas City office had over 35 participants that helped in feeding 443 families throughout the area. Elise, Recruiter, said,  “the best part of volunteering at Harvesters was the energy the IG crew brought to the event. We had so much fun working together to prepare boxes of food for families in KC! In just a few hours, we prepared over 440 boxes of food for families in poverty. We all had a blast doing it.”