The “People-First Approach”: Managed Services at Insight Global

The “People-First Approach”: Managed Services at Insight Global

The business practice of proactively outsourcing the in-house management and operational responsibilities to a third-party service provider defines “Managed Services”.  For many organizations, adoption of Managed Services serve as a strategic methodology for controlling costs, minimizing risk, and improving quality in day-to-day operations.  Since the 1990’s, Managed Services have become a key business model in many areas such as Information Technology and Services, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, and Human Resources.  During this time, Managed Services has evolved as an alternative strategic means for companies to efficiently stay up to date on technology and maintain access to critical skills so that the client organization can focus on its core business activities.  The value proposition for Managed Services extends beyond TCO reduction, risk aversion and technology adoption – there are also tremendous advantages to Managed Services in the standardization of offerings, scalability, automation, and continuous improvement in delivery, and optimization of client governance.  These factors have all combined to create a massive global market for Managed Services – over $140 billion in 2016, and forecast to grow to nearly $270 billion by 2022 (Mordor Intelligence).

The scope of managed services available in this global market is as broad and diverse as the number of managed service providers providing solutions. Insight Global’s Managed Services offerings are geared toward delivering value for our clients by leveraging and building upon our core business – our staffing capabilities.  As such, our flexible and adaptable models for managed services offerings include Outsourced Managed Services (OMS), Enhanced Staffing Solutions (ESS), traditional Consultative and Advisory Services, Project and Program Management and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).  At this point, you might be asking yourself, “so what is it that really sets Insight Global apart from other MSPs?”  The quick and easy answer – PEOPLE.

Insight Global’s approach to Managed Services is a direct product of our core business of staffing. As stated in our Managed Services collateral, “people are the building blocks of any project, and creating the right team is key to success.”  We have built our Managed Services in this mindset to have what we call a “People-First Approach”.  The success of any Managed Service project or program is dependent on our ability to bring the highest quality, most competent and relevant resources (staff) together in the right size team to deliver the desired service.  Our significant advantage in this approach is our ability to leverage our world-class staffing engine on-demand to source the best-fitting, local (whenever possible) resources that meet the exact requirements of the project or service.  The Insight Global Managed Services Division (MSD) manages the solution framework and the delivery team to ensure that from end to end, deliverables are timely, high quality, and meet or exceed all our clients’ objectives and expectations.  Regardless of whether the service or program that we are delivering is a Call Center, an Agile Development team, a PMO, or a full-scope IT outsourcing program, our approach differs from that of our competitors who use the more traditional “bench” approach.  Insight Global’s non-traditional approach provides significant advantages for our customers in terms of cost efficiency, and building out the right size team with the exact skillsets and experience needed to provide excellent service within our customized and proven solution framework.

This “People-First Approach” to Managed Services essentially binds together a team of high-quality, best-fit resources on a right-sized team with a comprehensive, best-practice based solution architecture from our MSD Center of Excellence (CoE) and proven delivery methodology from our PMO to create a customized, efficient, and effective solution for our clients. Insight Global’s MSD team places a significant focus on performance, both at the program/project level, and from a people perspective.  Through our relentless drive for Continuous Improvement and Innovation, we strive to maximize the value for our clients – whether streamlining daily operations or focusing on transitional and transformational efforts, we ensure our programs are always evolving.  Again, people are the instrumental component of every MSD program, and our program management and governance are likewise “People-First” to ensure service excellence.  By proactively designing solutions with our resources in mind, we can ensure higher service quality through training and retention – we view training as a key component to not only flex resource levels but also to develop and retain key talent.  Our strong relationships with our resources, combined with training and development opportunities, regular reviews/performance feedback, incentive bonuses, and extensive benefit options allow us to minimize attrition and maximize team performance.

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