“Nothing but Praise for Insight Global”

“Nothing but Praise for Insight Global”

“As a former Army infantry soldier and after that, a Marine, I can personally tell you that Insight Global (IG) is far and away the best technical recruiting agency around. Let me tell you a small story real quick: after a day of being in contact with numerous recruiters, IG gave me a call. They asked if I had any interest doing more of the same, Cisco networking. Please note, I was only out of college a few months. When I expressed some enthusiasm for doing such work, as usual, I was asked how much I wanted to earn…NOW GET THIS! I said $18 an hour. I could hardly believe what happened next. “Well this one pays 22″… Are you serious? Up front and honest! WONDERFUL! I am now a networking engineer at one of the largest networks in the world. I have nothing but praise for IG!”

-Christopher, Network Engineer, Minneapolis, MN

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