Data Driven 2.0

Data Driven 2.0

The amount of data volumes are exploding; more data was created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race. Our organization has grown exponentially based on our abilities to consume, analyze, and lead based on data. It’s my responsibility to take us to that next level.

At the moment, only 0.5% of data is ever analyzed or used. There are limitless opportunities in all areas of world. Examining opportunities with data has been a specialty in my career. I have seen very large amounts of data with little value and very small amounts of data with immense value. Specifically, I think data within the IT staffing industry is extremely valuable right now and relatively untapped as well. IT staffing has exploded over the last decade. It has now gotten to the point where you have to differentiate yourself in marketplace to get ahead and data is going to be one of the areas where we do that.

Data Science is a relatively newer job field. When most people hear the words “Data Scientist” they think of it as a buzzword. However, they are not entirely sure what it is we do. Data Science is the combination of multiple fields including Statistics, Computer Science, Business Development, Information Science, and Analysis. The concept is centered around understanding and analyzing phenomena with data. That is what I plan to work on here at Insight Global. I want to examine what we are currently doing well with our data and identify other areas where we can drive real business value.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just scratching the surface of transforming businesses as we know it. We are not going to just wake up tomorrow and have robots do our chores for us (although you could argue Roomba has already started this with vacuuming). The AI transformation for business will take place gradually. Certain jobs and tasks are already being converted (i.e. cashiers, bank tellers, etc.).

How exactly do we tie AI and Data Science into Staffing? There are many different initiatives that can easily transform our day-to-day business. Looking at recruiters current daily activities you will notice a lot of time spent on preparation of calls, data entry, and management/administrative work around job placements. A vast majority of recruiters in the industry are currently making calls blindly. I would like to help make this “smart” with AI.

Data entry is another heavy time consumer. We need to be able to cut down on manual work that that does not provide value to recruiters. For instance, a call to a potential candidate is value-added. Spending an hour setting up tomorrow’s call list is not value-added. We can develop systems that give time back to our recruiters and help them target/focus on the right candidates and actions to drive revenue.

We have to prepare ourselves for a fundamental change in everyday life. Artificial Intelligence isn’t meant to take our jobs, but to enrich them. We have to utilize the additional time that will be created from this automation to better our lives and this really starts with our own jobs (personally and professionally). We can succeed if we look at the data to let us know what is next.

-Thomas, Senior Data Scientist

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