Insight Global Expands Raleigh Office

Insight Global, a Staffing Services Company, has expanded its Raleigh, NC office this week. The expanded space provides the team with three additional interview rooms, a dedicated training/conference room, an additional break room for its employees, and room to grow internally.

The Raleigh office is located in the Captrust Tower in North Hills. The office address is:

4208 Six Forks Road
Suite 804
Raleigh, NC 27609

“I’m extremely excited for the experience our renovated office space will provide to our candidates,” Director of Operations, Ryan McGinn, stated. “We have many candidates coming into our office for interviews each day, and now they will be able to complete applications, testing, and interview in an environment that is comfortable and allows them to focus.”

Insight Global’s Raleigh office moved into its current location in July 2011. The team previously expanded its space in the summer of 2013 due to its rapid growth. This week’s expansion will allow the team to continue to grow internally.

The Raleigh office is currently hiring internally for its Recruiter/Account Manager positions, and accepting applications through the website at

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