“Going Above and Beyond”

“Andrew and Jimmy, my recruiters, worked for weeks securing me interviews with what ended up being my current employer. They were never late for an appointment, I was always told what my next steps would be, and I was updated daily on progress and feedback from the hiring company. Once hired, they walked me though all the paperwork and gave their time freely following up with me and helping where necessary. There aren’t enough good things to say about these guys, but the rest of their employees were courteous as well. Anyone I spoke with in their office was super polite and accommodating. Messages I asked to relay to Andrew or Jimmy were always relayed promptly and I received a call back in that same day, even after business hours. With that being said, I am really enjoying my position here so far. Training has been really great, my other members have been really nice and accommodating. Notes and insight have been shared on how to help me do my job better. So not only is Insight Global a quality company, but they are a quality company that contracts to other quality companies.”

-Alfonso, Onboarding Success Consultant in San Antonio, TX