Insight Global Ranks As #4 Best Company to Work For

Insight Global, a Staffing Services Company, was ranked #4 in 24/7 Wall St. “America’s Best Companies to Work for” article. The article has since been featured by Yahoo Finance, Business Insider,, Huffington Post, and AOL Jobs.

In order to identify America’s top 75 companies featured in the article, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed company ratings from current and former employees that were posted on “No one knows more about a workplace than its employees,” the article states. “Employee opinions reflect basic measures, such as pay, perks, benefits, and hours worked.”

Insight Global was recognized for its 4.4 star rating, which has since increased to 4.5 stars. Of the 75 companies featured, only 12 companies that made the list have a 4.0 star rating or higher. Insight Global also maintains a 4.0 star rating or higher on similar websites, with 4.4 stars on and 4.3 stars on

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