Insight Global Recognized as an OpenCompany

Insight Global, a Staffing Services Company, has become an OpenCompany on Glassdoor. This status is achieved by completing five requirements to promote transparency in the workplace. Due to the company’s successful completion of these requirements, Insight Global now has an OpenCompany badge displayed on its employer Glassdoor page.

“Embracing workplace transparency isn’t easy,” said Will Staney, Head Talent Warrior for Glassdoor. “Companies that achieve OpenCompany status have taken the time to actively recognize, encourage and respond to employee feedback. We commend companies like Insight Global that are promoting and embracing workplace transparency.”

Insight Global currently has a 4.4 star rating and over 1,300 company reviews on Glassdoor. The company, which promotes openness in the workplace, was also previously recognized by Forbes in its 2013 The 10 Companies With The Biggest Jumps In Employee Happiness article.

Insight Global has over 1,000 internal employees working for the company, and staffs over 20,000 professionals each year in companies nationwide. The company plans to open four new offices later this year, and eventually expand to 50 locations nationwide. The company is currently accepting applications through its website for IT positions, as well as its Recruiting/Sales openings.

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